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Creating a Successful Internet Business

The failure of so many E-Commerce web sites in the recent past have left many wondering whether the internet is a good place to do business. The Internet isn't the "get rich quick" environment it was thought to be. It is just another way to expand and do business. Expectations need to be more realistic and in line with a good business plan. With some careful shopping and research it is possible to create and maintain a profitable business on the Internet.

Before you start creating an E-Commerce website:
  • Choose a product that is unique and is not already oversold on the net.
  • Compare basic product cost to retail price to come up with the amount of money you can spend selling it on the internet and make a profit.
  • Use a search engine to find your competitors and what they are charging for similar products.

Creating your website:

  • Keep your site attractive but as basic as possible. Buyers just want to see your product and buy it. You can make improvements later when you begin to make a profit.
  • You may want to have help creating your website then maintain it yourself with an easy, inexpensive website editing program.  Either way, HomeLand Web can teach you to run your website for only $30.00 an hour.
  • Buy an inexpensive digital camera or scanner to photograph your own products.

Promote your website:

  • I submit your site to only the top 3 search engines. The others exist only to get your email address.
  • I will optimize your website so it will be found on the search engines but that may not be enough to get your website noticed. I will not attempt to trick the search engines.
  • Place an ad in your local newspaper or product magazine.
  • Put your domain name and e-mail address on your business card, letterhead, and any other advertising media you use.
  • Consider buying keywords on Google Adwords. This is the quickest and most effective way to get visitors to your website. I can help you set up your account using your credit card.


  • Business may be slow until your website becomes established and people get your web address.
  • Create an E-mail address especially for Junk Mail and use it when you sign up for free or inexpensive services. They are free because they sell your email address to spammers. It seems to be a fair exchange. Use a special E-mail address for family and important business contacts.
  • I am happy to help you with all or any part of your Website.

HomeLand Web Design wants your business to succeed. When our clients are successful, so are we!

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